The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) uses Avizo to visualize and analyze scientific and industrial 3D data acquired with their X-Ray Imaging Beamline (IMX)

Brazilian Synchotron Light Laboratory

The imaging beamline, IMX, at LNLS extracts synchrotron radiation from bending magnet D6 with magnetic field of 1.67 T and bending radius of 2.736 m. It has an electron source size of 391 μmμm x 97 μmμm and beam divergence of 808 μradμrad x 26 μradμrad and was designed to operate in either white beam or monochromatic beam. Monochromatic elements are Si(111) and a Ru/B4C Multilayer pair, located 12 m downstream from the source, and range in energy spectrums from 5 keV to 14 keV. Monochromatic elements can be removed from the beam to allow white light to enter the hutch. Pink beam energy spectrum ranges from 5 keV to 20 keV.